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What is NAET?


NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) is a non-invasive, drug free, natural choice for relief of all types of allergies including environmental, food, chemical, etc.  Energy balancing, treatments and testing are completed using acupressure, kinesiology and diet.  Further information on NAET can be found by clicking the link below.

What We Believe



At Balanced Health & Allergy, we believe that there is a natural solution to treating all types of allergies and sensitivities including, season, chemical, pets and food just to name a few. Are you tired of not being able to truly enjoy your children’s outdoor sporting events due to constant sniffling, sneezing and watery eyes. What about worrying about reading the labels on all foods to determine if there are any ingredients that will cause a problem for yourself or children. There is hope for your seasonal and food allergies out there. Our treatment plan consists of an initial evaluation; treatments tailored to each individual’s allergy case and ongoing follow up as needed. At no point in our treatments are traditional allergy shots used. Acupressure is used to remove interference within the energy pathways in your body, allowing one to function at an optimal level and tolerate substances that they were previously unable to. We want to be able to help people of all ages, adults, children, infants, and even the elderly be able to enjoy life to the fullest without having to avoid the outdoors due to seasonal allergies or constantly inspecting food labels and asking about ingredients when eating out with family and friends. Let us help you using an all-natural, alternative approach to your allergies and sensitivities.

Our Lead Practitioner



Our lead practitioner is Lannie Davis. She is a Registered Nurse with a background in a variety of areas; hospital, home care, elderly care and dialysis. She began learning about NAET, and became certified in NAET due to her children's various allergies. One child had a severe peanut allergy as well as other nuts and environmental allergens. Another had an egg allergy. Her children and husband receive treatments on a regular basis and are all at various stages of recovery due to the differences in each one’s allergies. Her son with the egg allergy is now able to eat eggs daily since starting treatments. She is committed to helping people in the Des Moines and surrounding area reduce their allergies and live a better life, while taking a natural, alternative approach. 

Since starting training in NAET, she has taken various classes in treating patients with severe allergies, allergy related Attention Deficit Disorder, and allergy related Autism. She also has attended the NAET Symposium to meet with other practitioners and expand her knowledge base.  Please contact our clinic to learn more.  


What it is & How it works

What is NAET

NAET is an acronym for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. NAET, first developed in California, is based on principles from the fields of allopathic (Western medical knowledge), chiropractic, acupuncture, kinesiology, and nutrition. NAET is a natural, non-invasive, and drug- free holistic treatment.

How NAET Works

Everything on earth has an electromagnetic field, including foods, pollens, hormones, neuro- transmitters, in fact anything you can think of. We work with vials that are imprinted with the electromagnetic field. When you hold a vial, your body will "read" or register exactly what that item is, and your body will also know whether you are compatible with it or not compatible. Non- compatible means you are sensitive or allergic to the item. Several negative things happen when you have an allergic reaction. You can have a rash, or mucous, or an asthmatic attack. If you are allergic to a food, your body will have trouble digesting and absorbing the nutrients fully from that allergic food. We also find you can be sensitive or allergic to vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, hormones, or neurotransmitters. Most of our patients thus have complaints of fatigue, brain fog, and "just not feeling well" as a result of malabsorption of necessary nutrients. When we treat the allergy, the body can then begin to absorb and utilize these necessary nutrients, improving overall health.

We use Muscle testing based on the work of Dr. George Goodheart who developed Applied Kinesiology. We can determine your sensitivities and allergies using this technique that is extensively used in the chiropractic and alternative health field. 

Traditional Acupuncture theory for 3000 years has said that your life force or Chi flows through energy pathways they have identified and called "meridians". When you have a blockage of the meridian pathway you will have a symptom or illness. Allergies will cause major blockages of meridian energy. The originators of Chiropractic taught that chemicals and allergies could cause disruption of correct nerve transmission. Dr. Devi realized that holding the allergen vial was starting that process of meridian and nerve disruption. She theorized that if she opened and balanced the meridian flow and worked with the spinal nerves including stimulation of the sympathetics in the thoracic spine (while holding the item or vial), that the body would re-program to accept the allergy. This proved to work, and the breakthrough treatment worked with any class of allergen, whether food or pollen or chemical.

The human body including the nervous system is always processing the environment for survival. We believe that the nervous system will always classify something as "safe" or "not safe". The "not safe" category should include viruses and bacteria and not much else. Allergies are an example of the body mistakenly labeling something as "not safe". NAET reprograms the body to more correctly put the item in the "safe" category, thus clearing the allergy. Reprogramming has the advantage of being a fast therapy- it is far easier and quicker to reprogram than to de-sensitize, which has been the traditional allopathic approach. NAET has the additional advantage of being able to help treat any category of allergy, whether it is food, or pollen, or chemical, or fabrics, animals, or any other class of reaction...



I have been instinctively avoiding artificial red food coloring for 25 years now due to a severe allergy. In the past, even the smallest amount of red dye #40 has given me debilitating hives that at their worst, can last more than a week before diminishing. When Lannie began NAET treatments on me, I was apprehensive but desperately wanted to try something that wasn’t invasive or artificial to try and cope with my allergy. I am still completely flabbergasted that after 3 treatment, I have been able to eat foods with red coloring and have yet to develop even a single hive! I cannot express the level of joy, shock and relief that I felt when hours after ingesting a cinnamon candy, I was still hive free when normally I would have been swollen and itchy. It may not seem like a monumental moment, but there is red food coloring in SO many different items...My life has been governed by reading labels and recognizing foods that may have hidden red dye lurking in them. Lannie has opened so many new doors for me through her treatment program and I am so thrilled to say that NAET has helped me eliminate my allergy to Red food dye! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Arielle V. Iowa

Hi am excited for the opportunity to recommend Lannie Davis and the NAET treatment therapy! I live in Elk Ridge, Utah at the base of Mount Nebo. This beautiful location brings me outdoors daily for walks, hikes and many outdoor activities even though my allergies make it a challenge. Lannie talked to me about the NAET treatment and I was very intrigued. I have taken various medications as well as allergy shots in hopes of eliminating this problem. Lannie was able to narrow down one of my main allergies and we started a treatment. I noticed a big difference by the second treatment. I was also surprised that I have had a significant positive change in my energy level! I'm very excited to continue treatment and highly recommend Lannie to you!

Anneta C. Utah

Besides the fact that Lannie is amazing? Well, she may have saved my future. I had painted the interior of my house along with carpeting the interior of the house, during the winter when the house was closed up for many months with limited ventilation ... you can probably guess the rest. Almost a year with no results, I found Lannie's practice and immediately we identified neurotoxins in the carpet pad, among other things (latex, acrylic in the paint) which were so tough to clear it took a few treatments. NOTHING like the amount of time and money it would have cost to go to a regular allergy clinic. God Bless Lannie and NAET!!

Kathy D. Iowa

This is amazing! This fall I started taking Marine Biology and I also do cheer so everytime we would have to run in cheer I would always wheeze and I don't have asthma. So I went to Balanced Health & Allergy, LLC and got mold cleared. So now when I run in cheer I don't wheeze at all AND I'm off of my allergy medicine. 

Sammy E. Iowa

Lannie has helped my family immensely!!!! My son that has allergy induced asthma has yet to have a flareup since starting treatments!!!!!!! That is huge for us!!!!!!

Amie T. Iowa

For as long as I can remember I have had an allergy called cold urticaria. It means I am allergic to the cold temps or even a cold glass of ice water and my body reacts with severe hives all over. I have never been able to stay outside in cold temps without Benadryl or some other anti-histamine which would make me tired.  This past Sunday I went outside in FREEZING temps with the wind blowing for 45 min  to help my husband shovel snow and had absolutely ZERO reaction.  In my life--this has NEVER happened before.  The only thing different is that Lannie has treated me for the cold.  This is life changing for me--next up is sledding with my children.  I could not be more grateful.

Joy O. Iowa



Your Questions, Our Answers

What Is NAET?
NAET is an acronym for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. NAET, first developed in California, is based on principles from the fields of allopathic (Western medical knowledge), chiropractic, acupuncture, kinesiology, and nutrition. NAET is a natural, non-invasive, and drug- free holistic treatment.

Who Is Dr. Devi Nambudripad?
Dr. Devi Nambudripad discovered and developed NAET since 1984. She was very sick most of her life, with extensive allergies, but continued with her schooling, going to Nursing school, Chiropractic school, Acupuncture school, and now she has obtained her medical degree.
Devi realized that she felt some relief when she received acupuncture from her husband when she was in contact with one of her allergens. She worked with this idea of holding the allergen and "reprograming" her body to accept the allergen using principles of both acupuncture and chiropractic. She was able to help her own allergies, and the allergies of her patients in her clinic. She then began to give seminars to teach other doctors to do this work. Currently there are over 14,000 practitioners both in the United States and overseas who have received this training. Go to naet.com to locate a practitioner in your area.

What certifications are needed to practice NAET?
Medical Doctor, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Dentistry, Naturopathy, and Registered Nurses are eligible for training with Dr. Nambudripad. www.naet.com lists professionals who have completed the training courses and who continue to attend workshops and seminars to further their NAET education. 

Why haven't I heard about NAET?
By medical standards, NAET is quite new and, therefore, like many alternative treatments, not yet well known among traditional doctors. And while more than 14,000 doctors practice NAET world- wide, that is still a relatively small number. Lannie Davis, RN is one of only a few practitioners in the state of Iowa who offer NAET treatments to allergy sufferers.

How does it work?
In some ways the body works much like a computer. It is programmed to respond in certain ways. NAET treatments reprogram the nervous system to help the immune system stop attacking food, irritants, chemicals, or anything else a person is allergic to. Once the body accepts reprogramming, it heals itself.

What age can be treated?
NAET is safe and effective for everyone, even infants and the elderly.

How likely is it that allergies are a cause of my health problems?
Immune and allergic diseases like M.S., asthma, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and common hay fever have skyrocketed in recent times, and the number of allergy sufferers today has exploded. Because of deficient soil, processed foods, environmental poisons and toxins, and stress, our immune systems have become vulnerable and over-reactive. Dr. Devi has found that there are almost no diseases in modern times that aren't caused or worsened by often unknown allergies.

How do you determine the specific substances I may be allergic to?
NAET practitioners use Muscle Response Testing -MRT- to gauge the body's reaction to specific substances. It is a painless and inexpensive technique.

If I come in for a specific allergy, how long will it take to eliminate it?
Most patients will find help with an allergy in one visit as long as they do as directed during the first 24 hours after treatment. Keep in mind that most illnesses result from multiple allergies, and each one must be treated separately before the body can function normally.

What are The Basics?

As Dr. Devi worked with many patients over the years, she discovered that treating basic items often brought dramatic improvements in their patients' health.
Those items are: Eggs, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Sugars, Iron, Vitamin A, Minerals, Salt, Grains, Yeast, Acid, Base, Hormones, Vitamin K

Why should I consider getting treated for the basics? I've never had a problem eating them, and I don't feel allergic to them.
Dr. Devi realized that chronic illness often results from undiagnosed food and chemical sensitivities, including intolerances to vitamins and minerals. If you are having health problems, or don't feel well, or have been to doctors who can't tell you why you don't feel well, then it's likely you have intolerances to foods and don't know it. Treating the basics allows the body to begin to heal and rebuild itself.

What do you do during a treatment? Will it hurt?

Based on principles of acupuncture and chiropractic, the treatments use gentle acupressure on the back to open the acupuncture meridians and stimulate the spinal nerves. It is safe and painless, and it can be done on infants, young children, and even ill or very frail patients.

How many treatments will I need?

After your first consultation and exam, Lannie will let you know about how many visits you would benefit from. The severity of your health problems and length of time you've been experiencing them will influence your course of care.

What can I do to help my body clear an allergen?

After a treatment, you will be given detailed instructions. Drink fluids and get plenty of rest. Avoid exposure to the treated allergen by not eating or touching it for a full 25 hours. Almost everyone that visits our office is successful in clearing their allergies when they follow these instructions.

When will I begin to see results?

Most patients will experience significant improvement after six to eight treatments. A few even notice a change for the better while receiving a treatment or during the 24-hour clearing period.

Why does NAET help so much with illness?
Many sick people have metabolic and biochemical imbalances. When NAET clears allergies to vitamins, minerals, and basic foods, the body can come into balance and healing can take place.

What If I'm skeptical, will that affect the results?

No. The reprogramming is involuntary, and any reservations on the part of a patient will not affect the outcome. Our favorite patients are the skeptics, because once they have been successfully treated, they often become our most enthusiastic supporters.

How does it fit into a larger healthcare program for myself?

You do not have to change or stop medications or medical treatments to receive NAET. As the body begins to heal through NAET, adjustments in care and medications may be indicated. Patients must always work with their medical doctors regarding any change in care.

What can I do to improve or maintain my overall health once my body is using nutrients properly?

Once your NAET treatments have been completed, be sure to eat well and nourish your body to give it the nutrients it has had difficulty processing in the past. You will be advised you if you need supplements to more quickly restore your health. In some cases, lifestyle recommendations may be made. For example, patients have used NAET to help them stop smoking and to lose weight.

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